Hi, I’m Monique Elise… I love reading, expressing my many opinions, the color pink and yummy champagne. Most of all, I’m dedicated to learning the precious lessons of this thing called life and helping other ambitious women become their best selves one blog post at a time. Let’s grow and glow together! 



I'm Monique Elise

Welcome to Monique Elise. A special place where I share my thoughts, personal experiences and tips that will hopefully encourage, uplift and inspire you. Hang with me as I discuss a range of topics covering lifestyle, relationships, personal finance and travel.

My blog is simply a place where you can come and feel like we are having a good ole’ conversation over some drinks. There will be times where you laugh, may want to cry, or you might say “Oh no she didn’t!” Either way, I promise to be my most authentic self as I let you into my world. I can only hope that you find this blog as a not only fun, but also positive outlet that gives you the motivation to go after whatever your heart desires.

Thank you for visiting my site! I’m so excited to connect with you as I navigate through my career, being an author and so much more one day at a time.


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Everyone has a dirty little secret…what’s yours? 


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Check out this gripping tale by Monique Elise. She takes you on a ride that you won’t want to get off! Explore this new story filled with seduction, murder and deceit. Grab your copy now! 


Glowing on Purpose: A Quick Lifestyle Guide

Purpose (n) – the reason why something is created. 


I firmly believe that we were all created for a reason. And although those reasons may differ, the fact still remains the same. If you find yourself stuck on figuring out what that reason is – let me help you!



Are you looking for a new book (or three) to fall in love with? Three friends, three love stories, one EPIC series! Get to know Jade: The heart-breaker, Blair: The woman scorned and Kara: The hopeless romantic. 


Are you a Jade, Blair, or Kara? Grab some wine and get to know each character and their riveting stories! “Dilemmas of a Damsel” is a provocative tale that is jam-packed with romance, drama, and plenty of scandal!

Monique has a style of writing that will keep her audience captivated. You get to know Blair’s character so much more better and I was completely hooked. I know someone who went through a similar situation to Blair and it definitely hit home. I read the book in 5 hours . I just had to know what happened. I can’t wait for Part III now.

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