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Hey, I’m Monique Elise! I’m an author, working professional, and influencer. Welcome to my corner of the world wide web – a special place where I’m passionate about empowering women to live their most fabulous lives.

One of the saddest things I see women do is limit their potential. Well, that stops here, sis!  I’m going to help you shatter the glass ceiling you’ve placed over your life, realize your brilliance, and become the woman you not only long but deserve to be! Here, you can find inspiration from my lifestyle tips, financial advice, and personal development gems.

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"This book will have you second-guessing everything you think is going to happen!" Ayren, Red Echo
"Gone Girl meets Sistah Souljah!" -Hanifah, Red Echo
"I love that you can’t predict what’s going to happen next in Red Echo. You will absolutely love it!" Kelsi, Red Echo

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