Every Tool You Have To Beat Back Aging Skin


If I had any say so, I wouldn't age another day! Yes I am one of those people that want to live and be young forever! Unfortunately, I haven't found any magic potions or pills (yet - but when I do I'll let you know). Aging is a natural process - it's a part of life. That being said, the process is much kinder to some of us while it can be down right mean to others. Stress, dehydration, chemical exposure, strain can all play a factor in how your skin changes. There are all kinds of things that cause the breakdown of skin cells and the generation of the free radicals that present as wrinkles and aging skin losing its firmness. But don't worry- there’s a lot of tools you can to prevent premature aging and to keep your skin looking a lot more youthful. Here's the most effective tools at your disposal and how to get the best out of all of them.

1. Relax!

Stress has some very real, visible effects on the skin. Talking about stress causing us wrinkles isn’t just a joke, it’s scientifically proven that stress causes premature aging. Stress accelerates the wearing down of the cells that leads to wrinkles and can lead to unhealthy life choices like smoking and bad food choices which go on to go more damage. That’s not to mention the aging effects it can have on your mind. Finding your method of fighting stress is vital, whether it’s trying to get more sleep, learning how to meditate, picking up a hobby or anything else. For your body, your mind, and your skin, you need to relax.

2. Take a closer look at your habits

Stress might cause you to indulge in some of your worst habits, but we need to take a look at what those habits are and what damage they cause. Cigarettes might be amongst the worst of them, leading to a decrease of oxygen circulating in the blood, which leads to wrinkling. Cigarettes also contribute to the production of those free radicals which are the very reason that skin aging happens in the first place. Alcohol is just as bad, it's super dehydrating and can be damaging to your body’s ability to process toxins, leading to wrinkles, puffiness, dryness and more. Of course, a glass of wine can be beneficial in moderation, but even one day a week of excessive drinking can cause your skin to age much, much faster.


3. Take note of your body’s healing process

The body has its own ways of healing naturally. Think about how you recover from cuts and bruises. That healing process can be utilized to target wrinkles, too, specifically on the face. Unlike other cosmetic treatments, micro needling from places like an aesthetics bar doesn’t always involve adding something beneath the skin to give it the appearance of youth. It targets wrinkles directly, causing miniscule bits of damage to kickstart the body’s natural process of regeneration. With healing these tiny wounds, the skin where the wrinkles once were can become lively, soft, and firm once more. The body is also to rejuvenate the skin quite a lot on its own, but sometimes a little boost to start things off can really help.

4. Protect you skin!

Your skin is the protective layer of your body, first and foremost. It shields you from dust, debris, pollution, and the sun. However, it takes a toll in doing all that and it needs a little protection itself. Sunscreen, thorough hydration aftercare, and avoiding overexposure are all crucial steps you need to take to protect your skin from the sun. There are moisturizers and sunscreens that include extra protection from pollution, so it’s worth looking into that, too. Finally, there’s the protection the skin offers itself: the natural oils it produces as you sleep. Don’t make the mistake of scrubbing and cleansing these oils in the morning. It can lead to more inflammation, more dehydration and, in the end, more wrinkles. Try to use a mild soap in the morning and a stronger facial soap at night. 

5. Nutrition

It doesn’t matter what part of the body we’re talking about, what you eat is the building blocks of your entire being. If you fail to get all the nutrition you need, you don’t have the ingredients to recover, regenerate, and prevent aging. There are all kinds of foods that prevent aging, including blueberries, nuts, even moderate helping of dark chocolate (Hallelujah!). On the other hand, the foods that speed up aging include sugar, saturated fats, and salt. These can all speed up the production of free radicals. If you’ve been paying attention, you know that this is what you want to avoid at all costs. Moisturizer helps offer some of the same positive nutrition directly to the skin, so it’s about what you put on your face, not just what you put in it.

6. What's your skincare regime?

A morning skincare regime is about more than just beauty, it can offer real anti-aging benefits. It hydrates the skin, first and foremost, but there are some ingredients that can specifically target the signs of aging, too. Retinoids have become rather famous in the world of skincare for doing just that, and retinol is the most readily available kind that you can get over the counter. Retinol is a form of pure vitamin A, which binds to the receptors of your skin cells to make them immediately start behaving and looking younger. Be careful with retinol, however. Too much can wreak havoc by irritating and drying out your skin and doing the exact opposite of what it’s supposed to do! A pea-sized drop of a specific retinol cream is just plenty for what you need it to do.

7. Work on your fitness! 

I’ve already hit diet for one of the “health tips you will get on just about any subject, ever”. It should be no surprise that we’re going to hit the other: exercise. It’s not a catch-all argument. Exercise has clear impacts on the aging process that have been demonstrated time and time again. It causes pores to dilate, which leads to sweat clearing them out of dirt and oils. Just make sure you shower after so that sweat doesn’t get trapped in them instead. What’s more, exercise is crucial for the hormonal regulation of the body, preventing inflammation outbreaks, and is a great way to relieve stress!

Well love bugs, I hope you find these tips helpful! What more could you do to stop your skin from aging?