3 Ways to Bring Stability Back into Your Life...


Stability is something that we all hope for. Order in a world full of chaos is much-appreciated and I believe many of us long for a life that's relaxing, peaceful and easier to handle. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly easy to tame a hectic lifestyle.Whether it was a chaotic upbringing or responsibilities that you just can’t handle anymore, we can all end up in horrible situations that put a huge strain on us mentally and physically. It won’t take long before we crack and we snap at our children, scream at our friends or just break down into a complete mess.

Before this happens, you should consider a few of these helpful tips. I'm sure they will bring some stability to a chaotic and uncertain lifestyle.

1. Develop a peaceful retreat

Whether it’s devoting yourself to a program such as those from CenacleSisters.org or investing money into a peaceful garden that helps to ease your stress, it’s incredibly important that you find an hiatus that helps you soothe your mind. For some people it’s a spa weekend (me!), for others it’s praying. No matter what you pick, always develop something to be your anchor in life. Something that keeps you grounded to the world to prevent yourself from drifting too far.

2. Aim for financial security

For most of us, finances can be one of our biggest stress factors. The struggle to get enough money to pay the rent and utilities, the thought of paying back student loans (HELLO!)  and creeping credit card debts can really put a strain on our minds. It’s important to deal with your financial troubles as best as you can to help bring more stability to your life. To do so it will take some time and dedication. Here are a couple of examples of how you can bring some peace to your financial situation.

  • Start saving and stop spending. Instead, put that that shoe money into your savings account.

  • Live more frugally. Practicing frugality is one of the best ways to help you save money in a chaotic lifestyle. Consider looking at this article from MorningChores.com to help you develop some frugal habits that will help you bring order to your unstable life.

  • Think about job security. Do you feel like your job is unstable and you could be fired or laid off at any moment? Then consider getting a new job or finding a more stable one.

  • Invest in yourself. Whether it’s a retirement fund, a home business or even a new course to help you find a better job in the future, it’s important to invest your money wisely.


3. Find what makes you happy

Having too many responsibilities or succumbing to the whims of an assertive person in your life can both be detrimental to your wellbeing. Whether it’s an overbearing partner, a boss that loves to micromanage your tasks or having too many responsibilities to take care of, these can all add up and contribute to your stress. To remedy this, consider relieving yourself of certain duties that aren’t essential to your wellbeing and ending relationships with people that only make you feel worse.


I hope these tips help!