Who Cares Anyway?

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Every. single. person on earth cares what other people think about them. We’re all guilty of it. All of us. It doesn’t matter how much you say you don’t care, how much you dress on your own terms as a means of making a point or how many times a day you double tap a quote on Instagram that says something along the lines of, “you can’t be stressed if you don’t give a damn” - we all care what other people think of us, and start caring from the very second we wake up and hold a screen six-inches away from our eyes.

We accept what the status quo is based on a) what society says it is and b) what those people around us agree it is. Every day is a delicate walk among eggshells where we try and do things that will please others and, if we dare to challenge then we run the risk of being stigmatised and labelled and called a b-i-t-c-h, and no matter how much you say you don’t care about that, you do; of course you do. You’re human. As such, we start to consider how our answers and actions will affect others before we even do them, meaning we allow ourselves to become shaped by the perceptions we want to give off instead of who we really are.

But living a life where you are dictated by what other people thinks is the worst. It sucks. The very concept of it is downright disagreeable. We’re not going to say it makes you a yellow-bellied coward, but it definitely makes you someone who waits for others to act first so that you can fit in.

With that in mind, we have pulled together a quick list of ways you can stop giving an eff about what Karen in sales thinks and what Susan next door is saying. Yup, today is the day you, me and everyone else that is reading this stops caring what other people think, and here is how:

1. Up Your Role Model Game

The fastest way to stop caring what people think about you is to change who you look up to. That could mean heading to the movie theatre and watching a film about some awesome unsung superhero of a woman change the status quo for the better, or it could be picking up a book like The Fountainhead or it could means stepping out of your current social group and finding yourself friends that celebrate diverse opinions, that know nothing great ever came from comfort zones and push one another to be better people each and every day. Oh, yeah, those people are out there.

2. Seek Your Own Answers

The world is packed full of fake news and stubborn outlooks, it always has been. But the world is also a lot more tolerant than it has ever been and the opportunity to do your own research is easier than ever before. Harness this for your good. It could be you are unhappy with some part of your body and you’ve tried everything to improve it naturally, and now you want to get proper treatment but there is a stigma around that kind of thing; do your own research and learn about body contouring for yourself. You’ll be amazed at how many myths have been spawned by hearsay. That’s just one example, though. It could be a point of view, an opinion or a reason for doing something that has been unfairly chastised. That is where seeking your own answers can help you stop caring about what others think.

3. Be A Little Less Sensitive

One of the questions you need to get into the habit of asking yourself whenever you feel yourself trying to appease others at the sacrifice of, well, standing for something is: what is the worst that could happen here? That’s a legitimate question that you need to answer. What is it? Is it getting a bad review in a paper? getting fired from your part-time job? Losing the friends that always bring each other down? Once you have done that and drawn up an absolutely worst-case scenario, your next question (and the most important one is) could you survive that? It is about desensitizing yourself a bit more and stepping out of the self-projected fear that’s running riot in your brain.

4. It Ain’t Possible To Please Everyone

The most powerful person in the world - the President of the United States - only needs fifty-one percent of the population to like them in order for them to be elected into office. The very concept of that means they are doing a job where one half of the country wants them to do a great job while the other half wants them to be fired from that role. Sure, that is an extreme version of what we’re talking about here, but the lesson is still valuable: it doesn’t matter who you are, what you do or how perfect you try and be in the eyes of others, there will always be people that don’t or can’t accept you. That’s part of life and, as tough as that pill might be to swallow, it does make your options kind of simple; either you can accept you can’t please everyone or you can run away and hide. It’s a red pill, blue pill situation.

5. No One Actually Cares

We are all born thinking we are special. It is that hope that drives us on. But, as special as you are, you aren’t special enough to be in the forefront of everyone’s minds. We’re telling you this because, like most people, you spend way too long worrying about how others may be judging you when the reality is those people are thinking exactly the same thought. Trust us, people don’t have enough time in their days to think about anyone else for much more than a nanosecond. They haven’t even got time to look up from their iPhone X, so they definitely haven’t got time to be considering your shortcomings, scrutinising them and then casting a judgment on you. Once you realize this is how the human psyche works, it becomes way easier to stop caring what others might be thinking.

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