How to Embrace Your Personal Style

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Add the word “personal” before anything and it suddenly becomes a lot more… well, personal. Your personal interests, personal tastes, personal belongings and personal style are all very unique to you, whether you like it or not. Sure, two people can share identical tastes, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t wear something different on the same day of the week. (Note: This post contains affiliate links.)

When it comes to personal style, there are plenty of different ways to achieve it. For instance, you can try to embrace your personal style by understanding your body shape and respecting the type of clothes that suit you. Another way is to look at your skin tone and try to pick clothes that compliments it (my personal favorite). You could also buy clothes that suit your interests or associate yourself with a brand that you can identify with.

However, one of the best ways is to simply tell yourself “who cares anyway?” and just wear what you want to without any care in the world for what people think about you. Yes, it’s difficult to reach this point, but it’s also very important to stop caring about how people perceive you and to also embrace your likes and dislikes.



Be it street fashion or elegant garments, what you choose to wear and how you do it defines your personality. 

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1. Learn to Love Looking for Clothes

Sometimes shopping can feel like a job! If this is the case for you, try to make light of it. Whether you browse the internet or walk around malls looking for the next big thing, a love for shopping and clothes will fuel your passion and help you embrace your personal style. We tend to gravitate towards things that we’re truly passionate about and shopping is a fantastic way to expose yourself to all types of fashion. While buying from stores is a simple and enjoyable way to look for new styles, there’s also the option of browsing on the internet!

One of the big advantages of the internet is being able to browse online for clothes (even better in our pajamas). People that embrace online clothes shopping often have to deal with many disadvantages, but these aren’t as bad as people think. For one, there’s the issue of the fit. If you’re smart about your clothes, then you’ll measure yourself several times and look at the measurements on the site before you actually buy anything. This is to ensure that everything fits, and you usually only have to do it a single time if you’re buying from the same brand or website because their sizes are usually fairly consistent. Another big advantage that people don’t realize is that many online fashion outlets actually have return policies–even if you buy online! Lastly, we can’t forget that browsing online for fashion means that you’re exposed not just to localized fashion, but also overseas styles and subcultures that you wouldn’t normally find walking around town.

People tend to see fashion as something local to where they live. They often feel like fashion should revolve around what people near them wear because they don’t want to appear like an outcast, but why should you care? If you browse and shop or a similar online store, then embrace your love for that brand or fashion style and stop worrying so much about what others say and love the clothes on your body and in your wardrobe.

2. Clothes Reflect Your Personality, Not Your Wallet

Yes, it sounds incredibly cheesy to say that the clothes you wear reflect your personality, but there’s no better way to put it! The truth is, your clothes do reflect your interests and personality and far too many people think that wearing an expensive piece of clothing is any indication of your wealth or something stupid such as how trendy you are.

The truth is, what you wear reflects your personality one to one. If all you care about is wearing trendy fashion and putting on expensive dresses to show off, then it reveals the type of person you are. There are so many people in the world that follow trends just because they want to appear fashionable or knowledgeable about the latest trends, but this is entirely the wrong way to think about fashion.

The clothes you wear need to show off your personal interests and your attitude. As long as you exude confidence, you can look and feel comfortable in just about anything, but it’s important that you stop thinking about the cost of fashion and start thinking about details that matter such as the patterns, the material and the message you’re sending. Fashion is about more than just browsing a popular site like and copying what’s on the front page!

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Like my coat? Get something similar here

3. No One You Know is a Trendsetter

Unless you’re personal friends with a celebrity then no one you know is a trendsetter and you should stop listening to people that try to critique you about your fashion choices. Just keep in mind that it’s far better to be someone that creates their own style than someone who blindly follows what the fashion industry tells them to wear.

Break yourself free from the clutches of high-end fashion and start browsing online or even looking at thrift stores. The moment you see something that makes you smile or happy is the moment you’ve already found your personal style. Stop caring about what others think about your sense of style or fashion and start thinking more about what personally makes you happy when you go outside. The clothes you wear, the accessorize you put on and even the colours you choose are all elements of your own fashion sense. They should be personal to you and you shouldn’t care what others think.

Be your own person and stop caring about what others think. Once you build up the confidence to be yourself, you’ll discover that the life is just too short to care about how others critique your personal interests and style.

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