A New Year: A New You

New Year: New You

Everyone makes New Year's resolutions, but sometimes they are easily forgotten after a few weeks. I say we change all of that! Let's make this year our year! I'm claiming it, are you? So what are some great goals to make this year amazing? Here's an idea - Becoming fitter, and making smart decisions in other parts of your life can make you feel like a whole new and improved you! But if you do nothing, and don’t make any of these changes, you may miss out on some potential progression. Isn't life about growth? You should strive for better. Why should you carry on being the same exact person you were last year? Never forget that it's within your power to be whoever you want to be. So whatever that is - Go for it! In case you need some more goal setting inso, here are a few suggestions on where you can get started. Read on to find out how you can better yourself,and keep striving for more.



1. Plan Your Workouts

No matter if you’re a national athlete, or you've never tried jogging before, exercise is a fantastic thing to do. Incorporating it into your weekly routine is the best way to make sure you get it done. Do you usually work during the week? Then plan to fit some in at the weekend, do you get Wednesday mornings off? Then make sure you fit some in. It isn’t always wise to plan to exercise, when you know your going to be extra fatigued, or you've just done a long shift. I personally hate working out, but I am really trying to incorporate it into my routine. My goal is to work out at least three times a week. Wish me luck! 

Being realistic about your goals is vital. It's easier to achieve them if they don't seem impossible to do. For example, If you aren't that committed to running, then don’t aim to reach 10 miles by week 2. Be realistic and kind to yourself when setting your goals, because as long as you push yourself  on certain days, you will naturally improve anyways. You have to start somewhere! Find something you find fun, and you are much more likely to stick with it. Exercise is not only great for your body, but your mind as well. It helps you have a positive outlook on life, and can totally change how you enjoy your everyday life and manage stress!

2. Be Smarter with your Finances

When we think back to the previous year, everyone thinks about how they could have been smart with their finances. If you are a student or a recent graduate, you will especially have to be smart with your money, and sources like this can really help: refinancestudent.loan. Although many of us don't want to, having a look at your bank account and seeing where your money is going, can help you to make better decisions for next year. Are you paying a lot for a subscription, why not terminate is  or get a cheaper alternative? There are lots of ways you be smarter with your money this year, and now is the perfect time to make decisions about your finances. Then, you have more money to spend on the things you love.

It's important to be active, and make decisions about your life at the beginning of the year, otherwise they will get made for you. Think about what you want to change about your life, and make those changes!