Read the Labels - with Just Jocelyn

Hey guys! Hope you all are having a great week! Since the release of my novel, the response has been amazing! My journey as an author has been phenomenal thus far and I plan on sharing my story with you all every step of the way. I've been able to make some great connections with some bomb ass people, and have even been asked for interviews! (I'm still in shock!)

So earlier this week I was invited to be a guest on the YouTube series "Talk2Me Tuesday" with Just Jocelyn to discuss my novel "Dilemmas Of a Damsel". The sit-down was so much fun and we covered a range of interesting topics. I'm pretty shy when it comes to talking in front of a camera and always find a way to feel super awkward! But Jocelyn and her guests were so amazing and made me feel extremely comfortable. If you weren't able to catch it on IG live earlier this week, then no worries! I've got you covered. Check out the video below to see my discussion with Jocelyn on her latest episode: "Read the Labels".  

PS - Sorry for the video view! 


The fact that people want to meet me still feels surreal. But I'm just soaking it all in and I am so grateful. Hopefully this is the first of many more to come. If it is, trust me - you guys will be the first to know. If you're interested in my book but still need some convincing, check out the synopsis below... 

Jade James, an ambitious marketing exec, knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. On the surface she has it all: awesome career, impeccably good looks, and great friends. Once an unapologetic heartbreaker, Jade never had any interest in settling down, she simply used men and disposed of them as she saw fit. But as her twenties come to an end, she can’t help but wonder if her success and playgirl ways have come at a great sacrifice. Now living alone with her cat, she realizes that she’s ready for companionship and most of all, love. Her only challenge: she hasn’t quite met anyone that rocks her world.

Max is mysterious, charming, and sexy. The moment he and Jade lock eyes - she’s hooked. Her draw to him scares her, awakening some nightmares that she’d like to forget. A product of a troubled marriage, Jade refuses to settle for anything less than perfect and fears getting her heart broken. But will her desire for perfection end up costing her true love? 
Dilemmas Of a Damsel is fun, sexy, and relatable. Based in Philadelphia, the story tells a tale of modern women and how they try to navigate through the complexities of love and dating. This is a 3-part series you don’t want to miss! Stay tuned for Part II coming in 2018!

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