Fall Feels...


Hey guys! First – let me start by apologizing for being MIA the last couple of weeks! After my book launch party my body simply gave out and I spent some time battling pink eye and a fever. But I promise my time spent recovering wasn’t wasted! My slight hiatus gave me time to reflect on my work and where I see my blog and brand going. Now that I’m back, I’m eager as ever to kill it! And with fall officially upon us, I couldn’t be more excited. I often find with a transition into a new season, I get a resurgence of energy and motivation. I’m eager to tackle my goals, take on new challenges and embrace new opportunities. I have some major plans ahead and I hope that you guys are just as excited as I am!

 Top:  H&M  / Pants:  Miss Ego  / Photography:  Ciara Dawn

Top: H&M / Pants: Miss Ego / Photography: Ciara Dawn

I love the fall season for so many reasons. I mean in addition to Halloween, Thanksgiving, fall fashion (my favorite), pumpkin spice, and both How to Get Away With Murder and Queen Sugar returning; we get an extra hour of sleep back! Plus, I’m always happy to celebrate the holidays; my birthday included, and spend time with my loved ones. As the temperatures drop and days shorten, I tend to stay home more often- opting for my intimate interactions like dinner at my house, girl’s night, or good ole' "me-time". But, in addition to all of those great things, I have major goals that I plan on tackling. Here are some of my plans for the new season ahead…

1. Dilemmas Of a Damsel: Part II

As most of you may know, I released my debut novel “Dilemmas Of a Damsel” this past August and I couldn’t be more excited about where things are going! The response has been phenomenal and I can’t thank all of my readers enough for your support! It means so much to me and I have no plans to let you all down. I’m excited to share that I will be taking this time to begin writing Part II to “Dilemmas Of a Damsel”. So stay tuned!! In the meantime, you can get Part I here.

2. Redecorate

I live with my boyfriend and we have pretty opposite styles when it comes to interior design. Where he’s much more into having conversation pieces, bold art and bright colors, I prefer more of a soft ambience, plenty of candles and fluffy pillows. Not that I don’t appreciate his style (because I do), it’s just been interesting finding a balance between such different approaches. After much discussion, I decided to redo our bar area and entertainment center. The challenge is going to be finding something that we both like and that is reflective of the both of us. Wish me luck!

3. Reorganize

In addition to switching some things up in my apartment, I want to take some time to reorganize. I feel like I work much better when there is some order in place and I’m organized. I don’t know about you, but confusion and clutter can be so distracting!  I have a lot of things that I need to sort through and discard (old mail, old clothes, space fillers) and I’m hoping that when it’s complete I’ll be able to focus in on my work.

So what are some of your plans for the new season ahead?