Be Fierce with Fenty Beauty...


So last month Rihanna (otherwise known as Robyn Fenty) has had the beauty and cosmetic industry in frenzy. With her September 8th release of Fenty Beauty – RiRi officially came through and snapped ok! Ever since the release, her product line has been all the rage for makeup wearers everywhere. I can’t even lie; prior to its release I was not at all enthused about this line. (I know, y’all! Feel free to roll your eyes.) I saw the ad and just shrugged it off as yet another celebrity taking advantage of their fans and tapping into something that they knew consumers would eat up. But HONEYYYYYYY – I was so wrong.

This line is a legendary game changer and I am so here for it! I couldn’t wait to go into Sephora and check it out. Prior to this release I was literally just there and spent way too much money (as always). So I forced myself to wait a bit before I purchased anything from the Fenty line. I swear it was the longest two weeks of my life! When the day finally came I was so excited and knew exactly what I wanted. I just had to get my hands on the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation and the “Trophy Wife” highlighter. My goodness they are amazing and worth every penny! 

If you’re still on the fence trying to find reasons why you should purchase this, here are some reasons why you definitely should…

1.     Fenty Beauty is inclusive AF!

As I said, this line is an absolute game changer. For women of color, we don’t always feel valued in the beauty industry. I know plenty of women that have had to mix foundations to get a better match (myself included). Or, if darker shades are offered - they often end up looking muddy or ashy and so not cute. Despite years and years of complaints and all out begging for better, and truer matches when it comes to shade options, the beauty industry has put little stock into our opinions. We simply have to make do with what is offered. Well Ms. Fenty came in and said EFF ALL THAT! Her line includes 40 different shades of foundation that incorporate warm, cool, and neutral undertones! This is major because it enables consumers to find a true match the first time without any mixing or manipulation. It was truly created to be enjoyed by everyone. Now those other cosmetics companies have no choice but to fall in line. The people have spoken!

2.     The products are affordable!

What’s not to love about looking amazing without feel breaking the bank? Sold exclusively at Sephora, Fenty Beauty’s products are affordable. Prices range from $10-54, with the most expensive product being a trio of concealer, contour and highlight. Keep in mind that this is no drugstore product and compared to other products offered, this is a good deal in my opinion. Just be careful not to go to crazy or that Sephora bill will creep up on you like it always does to me! 

3.     It’s from Rihanna – ‘nuff said!

I mean… everything she touches turns gold. Not only that, but her confidence and unapologetic fierceness is so admirable. So umm…yea!


P.S. The 16 product line is sold at Sephora or you can get it directly from Fenty Beauty, and I'm also hearing that new collection (including lipsticks) will be releasing this month! Slay on ladies!