Welcome to Monique Elise

Do you sometimes feel like you’re running in a rat race? Have you ever asked yourself why you felt that way? A few years back, I felt as if I was competing in a losing race. No matter what I accomplished, (and I think I achieved a lot) I was just never satisfied. Then one day, I stopped beating myself up and took a look at the root of the problem. Instead of acknowledging my success, I was comparing my life to that of other people. I don’t know about you, but in today’s society, that is so easy to do! By that point, I was exhausted and fed up. I like to think that I am a pretty confident person and highly sure of myself, but clearly I had some work to do. I decided then that I really wanted more out of life but I was still searching for my “ah-ha!” moment. Regardless of what that was, I vowed that I would stay true to myself, and would stop discounting who I was and what made me special just because it may not be on other people’s terms.


After a year or so of some soul searching, planning, and encouragement of some close friends; I finally challenged myself and put my dreams into action. And today I am here to officially tell you that Monique Elise has arrived! My blog is simply a place where you can come and feel like we are having a good ole’ conversation over some drinks. There will be times where you laugh, may want to cry, or you might say “Oh no she didn’t!” Either way, I promise to be my most authentic self as I let you into my world. I can only hope that you find this blog as a not only fun, but also positive outlet that gives you the motivation to go after whatever your heart desires. Because at the end of the day, we are all special and we don’t have to run a damn race to make our dreams come true!  


Welcome to Monique Elise…