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How to Survive being an Unmarried, Childless Woman in Your 30’s…

Hello everyone…I’m Monique. A blogger, self-published author, college graduate (BBA and MBA holder), Libra, and a woman in love. Not to toot my own horn, but I think I’ve got it going on! I have a job that I love, travel often,  have friends that I adore, and drive the car that I want. I know that some people would beg to differ, because with all of my accomplishments I’m still an unmarried, childless woman that’s pushing 31. Something has to be wrong with me right? Like where they do that at?!

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Dating Tips

4 Things to do When You’re on a Bad Date…

As if trying to meet someone that you’re attracted to, compatible with, and interested in isn’t hard enough…add a couple bad dates into the mix and you may want to throw the towel in on dating altogether. After a bad date, you start asking yourself “Maybe being single isn’t that bad after all” or “Why me?!” Trust me, I get it! I, myself, am no stranger to the bad date. In fact, I can remember one quite vividly that sent me home in tears by the end of the night (I’m highly emotional, don’t judge me).  Looking back on it now, I definitely would’ve handled that situation differently. But hey, you live and you learn right? If that horrible date never happened, I wouldn’t be able to share some of my knowledge with you!

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A Single’s Survival Guide to Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a widely celebrated day of love and romance – and it will be here before we know it. Couples and lovebirds come out in droves to show their love and appreciation for one another with gifts, roses, and an overload of chocolates. If you’re single, I’m sure this day can be annoying if you allow it to. Many of us don’t like being made to feel like we’re intentionally being left out especially because of our relationship status! Trust me, I’ve been there. I say enough with all that. Self-love is the most important form of love there is. And the love you have for yourself should be celebrated! If you’re single, you have as much right as anyone to enjoy your Valentine’s Day as you see fit.

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