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13 Habits of Successful Women

  Ladies, what does success mean to you? Is it a thriving business? Fulfilling and exciting career? A happy marriage and healthy kids? Or the ability to travel and see the world at your leisure. The answer will vary from person to person. But if you’re reading this blog, you’re striving for success in your life, because that’s all I talk about! I’m certain many of you have other influential, powerful and successful women you look to for inspiration. Some of my personal favorites are Oprah, Michelle[...]

Trust Your Gut: 4 Things Highly Intuitive People Do Differently

  Have you ever done something that you knew was a bad idea, before you even did it? You had an uneasy feeling deep down in your stomach that put your senses on high alert, but you did it anyway. Now, you’re forced to face the consequences of your decision, one that could’ve been avoided had you just trusted to your initial gut feeling in the first place. When it comes to decision-making, your intuition should always come into play. Do you trust your gut? read more[...]