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To the Ones Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Are you someone that constantly finds themselves in screwed up dating situations? Are you often put into the friend-zone or fail to get the person you’re in love with to commit? Ever feel like you’re putting in more effort than the other person? Like you’re always available for them, yet they’re always too busy for you? Do you ever get the feeling that you’re forcing something that’s just not there? You’re so eager to fall in love and settle down, but you just keep coming up short? Truth is… you probably are! Continue Reading


The Ex Files…

In the world of dating, sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs to meet the one you simply can’t live without. But have you ever stopped and wondered if you’ve missed out on something? Do you find yourself reevaluating your past and questioning your decisions? Have you ever crossed paths with an ex that you swore you were over? However, for whatever reason on that particular day you see them, they look, smell, seem extra good? Good enough to make you want that old thang back! What do you do? Do you pounce on the opportunity to give things another try, or do you keep your distance? When it comes to rekindling things with an ex, it is ever a good idea?

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Dating Tips

The Games We Play …

I like to think of myself as a hopeless romantic. I love…love. I gravitate towards stories that tug at my heart-strings and I live for a happy ending. I guess that’s why I chose to write my romance novel Dilemmas Of a Damsel in my spare time. That’s not to say that my own personal experiences were all rainbows and roses – because that simply is not possible. But going through heartache helped me learn some hard lessons about myself and what I truly wanted.

Regardless of it all, I wouldn’t change a thing because it made me who I am today, and I think I’m pretty awesome (wink). That being said, I know some people who seem to have no luck as far as dating, and falling in love is concerned. Also, I know how easy it can be to feel like the cards are stacked against you when it comes to meeting someone who is actually worth your time. After a while, exhaustion sets in and you find yourself asking, “Why is dating so damn hard?”

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Dating Tips

Dating Ms. Independent …

Dilemmas Of a Damsel is a three-part series following three women as they navigate the dating world. Part I follows Jade James, a successful, independent woman that prides herself on knowing exactly what she wants and how to get it. Being a modern woman of today, Jade is an independent go-getter that’s not afraid to go after whatever her heart desires. In the love department, however, she’s had little success. Now pushing thirty, Jade has grown tired of being criticized for her inability to settle down and she wonders if her ambitions have come at the sacrifice of falling in love.

Much like Jade, many women face ridicule for being considered too independent and they are often forced to choose between that and love. There seems to be this idea that if you are a woman that wants love, you can’t also be focused on having a career (just an example). So I have to ask, has our new found independence doomed our chances of finding love? Continue Reading

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