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To the Ones Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Are you someone that constantly finds themselves in screwed up dating situations? Are you often put into the friend-zone or fail to get the person you’re in love with to commit? Ever feel like you’re putting in more effort than the other person? Like you’re always available for them, yet they’re always too busy for you? Do you ever get the feeling that you’re forcing something that’s just not there? You’re so eager to fall in love and settle down, but you just keep coming up short? Truth is… you probably are! Continue Reading

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Are You Dating the Person, Promise, or Penis?

There’s nothing I love more than to pour myself a glass of wine, indulge in my favorite sweets and tune in to watch Iyanla Vanzant come in and try to help people get their shit together. Her show “Iyanla Fix My Life” addresses some hard issues people are dealing with on a daily basis. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I, myself, love helping others and giving advice, or that I always end up with a lesson learned at the end of the hour-long show. Whatever it is, I’m hooked! Continue Reading