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Why You Should be Thankful When They Ghost You…

Ever liked someone and they suddenly vanished out of your life without warning? You two talk pretty much every day, have gone on plenty of dates, and become close. This person really has the potential to be your next boo thing; and then all of a sudden POOF! They’re gone, suddenly evaporate into thin air like a ghost, with no rhyme or reason. I call this ghosting or being ghosted, and it can happen to any of us – no one is safe. As with many of the things that can go wrong when it comes to dating, being ghosted is another risk to add to the list. And although the idea of it happening to you may seem mortifying, the person that’s ghosted you may have done you a favor. Continue Reading


It Was Fun While It Lasted???

HBO’s Insecure is easily one of my favorite shows. It’s raw, fun, REAL, and extremely entertaining! I’m so excited and ready for season 2! Just to hold me over, I’ve been watching old episodes from season 1 over the last few days. One of my favorite moments  was when Molly reconnected with this great guy Jared. The two were super cute together and Jared really seemed to be everything that Molly was looking for. Things were going great until he was a little too honest over dinner and revealed that he once had relations with a man. Molly was clearly shocked by his honesty and almost immediately turned off. Initially she opts to put her apprehension to the side, but finally concludes that she simply can’t look past it, no matter how great of a guy he was.

A not quite similar situation happened with a friend of mine. She met a guy, and really liked him until one night he showed her what he was working with and she was just not impressed! So I got to thinking – isn’t it crazy how you can meet someone and really like them and then instantly be turned off?

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