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To Tell or Not to Tell…

If you haven’t noticed, my last few posts have covered the never-ending topics that arise when it comes to dating or being in a relationship. Clearly this stuff will never get old!  And as an avid marketer of my very first self-published novel, Dilemmas Of a Damsel (which touches on the complexities in dating), this week will be no different! So a few weeks ago, one of my followers made an interesting post that got a lot of people talking. And like any normal person would do, I read the comments to see what everyone was saying. Unfortunately for you guys the post was taken down. But it was somewhere along the lines of – if you discover that your friend’s boo is cheating, would you tell? The responses were highly intriguing to say the least. I think when it comes to friends, especially close ones; there are some basic rules that come into play. You know, like don’t sleep with each other’s ex, keep their dirtiest secrets to yourself and so forth. But there seems to be this friendship rule loophole in terms of cheating.

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