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How to Be a Liberated Woman

Two of my favorite female artists are Rihanna and Beyonce. Besides the number of hits each of these ladies have released over the last few years, I’ve always admired their ability to not only embrace being a black woman, but also being a sexually liberated black woman. We’re living during a time where women’s empowerment and feminism is at an all-time high, especially with pop culture. But before there was Rih Rih and Bey, there was platinum selling artist, Adina Howard. Back in the nineties, Ms. Howard was a rarity amongst her peers. A woman that was unapologetically sexy while embracing her sexuality through her music and image. Adina Howard is an embodiment of what a liberated woman is.  Continue Reading


Oh No She Didn’t…

Ladies, ladies, ladies – I have a serious bone to pick with some of you! (Keyword being SOME). I think I’m pretty justified in saying that a lot comes with being a woman; we must wear many hats and play many roles while dealing with cramps, PMS and other things. I commend you all because honestly you’ve been out here making major moves and simply slaying while doing it. From the mothers, to the students, entrepreneurs, the go-getters and GOAL diggers – I see you girls!

I can honestly say I’ve been most inspired by women making boss moves and I thank you all for that. As I briefly explained in my Dating Ms. Independent post, we can have it all (love, career, etc.)! Unfortunately, it seems that no matter how far we’ve come, haters are going to hate. I guess that comes with the territory right? Recent events (the election amongst other things) have shown that women still have a ways to go as far as women’s rights and getting some damn respect is concerned. With that being said, I can’t help but be baffled at the number of women that so eagerly and willfully bash other women, especially when it’s to appeal to men! I mean really, what’s up with that sis?

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