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How to Use Credit Cards Responsibly

As I’ve embarked on this debt-free journey, I’ve learned a lot about credit cards, both their benefits and drawbacks. Yes, credit cards can be dangerous and can get you into financial trouble. But that’s only if you’re not smart and strategic when you use them. In fact, credit cards can be a pretty powerful financial tool.  read more[...]

How to Improve Your Relationship With Money

  Money relationships can be complicated. If you could rate your relationship with money on a scale from 1-10, what would it be? If it's anything less than an 8, you have some work to do. Having a healthy relationship with money is key to being financially stable. In fact, the way you relate to money has a direct correlation to the way you behave towards it. Further, your financial goals and how you use money are determined by your habits, thoughts, and feelings about money. So, if you want to improve your[...]