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My Summer 2019 Skincare Must Haves

Hey loves! As I’ve gotten cozy and comfy in my thirties, I’ve gotten much more serious about my skincare and overall health. It seems that quite a few of my followers have noticed! (I seriously love y’all! Lol.) I’d be lying if I said me and my skin have always been on the same page! Cause whew it’s been a journey to say the least. But, because I’ve received so many messages asking for my skincare secrets, I’ve decided to share the goods!

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My Letter to a Black Girl…

I’m sure by now most of you heard of rapper Kodak Black openly expressing his disdain for black women on his Instagram a few days ago. After catching hell, he then proceeds to spell it out saying that he doesn’t like dark-skinned women (black bitches according to him) and prefers to date women that are light-skinned (aka “yellow hoes” – his words, not mine!).

I think the general consensus amongst all black women (emphasis on ALL, light and dark) can be summed up as: NO ONE WANTS YOU! That being said, this young (and clearly ignorant) fella is not the first or last to express these types of thoughts. This light versus dark crap has been going on for far too long if you ask me. I think it’s safe to say that black women are one of the most criticized groups of people in society (just to be clear – I did not say the only group). Continue Reading