Why Black Women Should Become Equal Opportunity Daters...


Hey guys! I hope you all missed me as much as I’ve missed you! I’ve been so busy writing books, working events, and such but I’m back and ready to chat. As many of you all know - I love my girl, Issa Rae! She’s a sister that can do no wrong in my eyes; she’s down to earth, driven, witty, and a boss. Like many of her fans, I’m just patiently waiting for season three of Insecure to start (Umm HBO – Chop! Chop!) Well this past week, Ms. Issa has been a major topic of discussion. To be frank, she seemed to have pissed off quite a few people with an excerpt that surfaced from her 2015 memoir “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl”. In it, she discusses the challenges successful black women face in the romance department. She then suggests that black women should date Asian men since they’ve also been labeled as the least desirable when it comes to dating. That would seem like a logical solution right? It depends on who you ask. Now I haven’t read the book, yet, but I’d think that people would know that anything that comes from Issa Rae will have some humor tucked in there. That being said, I think there’s a bigger issue at hand. As time moves us forward, interracial relationships are on the rise. In addition, statistics show that black women outnumber black men AND black men are twice as likely to date/marry outside of their race. But when a black woman does it or encourages others to do so it’s given the major side eye. What’s up with that?


I want to just say that I’m an advocate for LOVE! I think many of you have gathered that by now. If not, just know that I’m a hopeless romantic! I believe we all deserve to have our shot at love and our own personal version of “happily ever after”. That being said, I’m also very much a black woman and I’m SICK of the double standards when it comes to us. As women, why can’t we be it all and have it all too (love, motherhood, a career etc.)? We’ve been killing it out here; getting our degrees, starting businesses, and climbing those corporate ladders. All while still being told by society that we’re undesirable, unloving, and just unworthy. The idea is pushed on us constantly, at any given time some of your favorite artists brag about dating a “foreign” or white women. Honestly, it can be pretty damn frustrating and hurtful. I don’t blame my fellow sisters for wanting to expand their horizons and deciding to encourage others to become EOD (Equal Opportunity Daters). 

Please don't think I'm saying give up on black men and kick them to the curb! Because I'm definitely not an advocate of that. However, there's nothing wrong with trying a new flavor from time to time! If we're being honest here, even if we all wanted to stick to our own and only date black men, as I stated before, there aren’t enough to go around – so what are we to do? Go through this life alone? Hell to the NO! So I'm sorry folks, but y'all Issa haters are going to have to have a seat! At the end of the day, love is love. Date whoever you want to date! Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and try something new. Because we’re all deserving of true love – it doesn’t matter if your partner is black, white, red, or blue.