What to Expect on Your First Bae-Cation...


Going on vacation together for the first time is an important milestone in the relationship of a couple. It’s a time when you can just relax, enjoy one another’s company, and focus on the two of you without any distractions. For most couples, their first vacation together will be one of the most romantic experiences of their life. However, before you start researching destinations and sifting through travel credit card reviews, there’s a few things you need to know about the first couple trip. If you place too high an expectation on your first bae-cation, then you could be setting yourself up for a disappointment. So, in an effort to help you keep things in perspective, here’s a little insight into what you might experience…

1. There’s a chance you will argue.

Couples vacations are often depicted as being about sunsets, romance, and toasting one another with glasses of champagne. This, however, isn’t a true representation of what you should expect. Of course you'll have those moments, but you can’t deny the possibility of arguments.

Being taken out of your comfort zone with your boo, for the first time, can be challenging. You’ll likely have to deal with minor annoyances -- such as flight delays or language problems -- that you haven’t had to manage as a couple before. You may find that you have very different traveling styles, and your habits don’t necessarily mesh well with one another.

If you do argue, just try to remember that it’s all part of the process of learning more about one another and sharing experiences together. What you learn on your first vacation will stand you in good stead for the future.



2. It might be awkward.

When a couple has been together for awhile, they are content in one another’s company, and don’t feel the need to fill every silence with chatter. However, on vacation, you’re going to have a lot of silence-- there’s no distractions, no normal life going on around you.

If this is awkward, then it’s vital to remember that that’s normal. This is your first trip together, the first time you have spent a large portion of time just the two of you-- no matter how in love and content you are, you’re likely going to need a little time to adjust to the calmer pace a vacation affords.

Over the course of the trip, you’ll learn to fill the silences when you need to, as you slowly begin to learn each other’s habits and preferences in this alien situation.

3. You may have very different ideas about what constitutes a vacation.

For you, a vacation is all about relaxation. You want to sit on the beach, read a few books, and let your normal stresses slip away. For him, a vacation is a chance to go adventuring, to explore the local area, and maybe even indulge in some high-octane activities.

If you find yourself with dealing with very different ideas about what constitutes a vacation, you’re going to have to compromise. The best way to manage this is to split each day; one day you do what you want, the next you do what he wants. This way, you’re both able to get the vacation you want, as well as making the other person happy.

In conclusion,  you now know what to really expect from your first vacation with your beau, you can just relax, enjoy yourself, and be amazed at how much your relationship grows as a result. Have fun!!