Female Proposals - Are They Ever a Good Idea?


With holiday the holiday season finally over, I’m sure there are plenty of new engagements as well. Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I always love seeing the different types of proposals people come up with to surprise their partners. That being said, I can’t help but feel a little uncomfortable whenever I see a woman getting down on one knee to propose to a man. 

Getting engaged is a solid way to advance your relationship. Traditionally speaking, it's a way for the man to signify and tell the woman he loves that he is ready for a future with her. Family and friends typically can't contain their excitement. However, when a woman proposes, a negative stigma follows her. Things like – “She’s aggressive,” or “She’s desperate,” often cross people’s minds when it happens. This is a topic that I’ve always found to be extremely interesting. With the rise in women’s empowerment and equality in gender roles, it’s safe to assume that female proposals will also become a social norm, right? Wrong. Despite the overall progression of society, some traditions still hold strong, including the idea that the man should be the one proposing. 


So I have to ask you – are female proposals a good idea? I think it depends on the person you ask. I asked some male friends what they thought about being proposed to by a woman. Most of them believed that proposing was their responsibility, and a woman doing so is not only emasculating, but they’d feel like they were being rushed into something they may not be ready for. Because to them - when they are ready to ask, they will. That being said, I also understand that some people need a little push. But I’m not sure if getting down on one knee is the answer ladies. I just think of Chrissy Lampkin proposing to her boyfriend of ten years (or more), rapper Jim Jones. She surprised him in a room full of friends and family and it just looked extremely awkward. That was seven years ago, and news has it that they only recently got married (according to rumors that haven't been confirmed) after a series of breakups and reconciliations. Of course not every proposal is the same, but it is quite risky if you ask me. 

I like to think of myself as a modern woman that appreciates certain traditions. Maybe it was my upbringing, or maybe because I like fairy tales (shoot me). But I can’t say that I disagree with what these guys said. Of course, every relationship is different and what works for one may not work for another. I think the vital key here is to know your partner and most importantly communicate. Figure out what it is you both want and what both of your feelings are about marriage and getting engaged. Although proposing to a man is not my style, I admire the courage of the women that do. There is something extremely admirable about knowing what you want and pursuing it. If proposing works for you ladies, I’d say go for it! 

What do you think about female proposals?