How to Get Your Priorities in Order with 5 Steps

How to Get Your Priorities in Order in 5 Steps

Ah, so many things to do, so little time…? Do you have a long list of things that you want to accomplish in your life, but can’t seem to find the time to make it happen? I get it, life comes at you fast and it’s easy to get distracted or discouraged. So many things can come at you at any moment that will require your immediate attention. But you know that you’re only hurting yourself and your future right? You, my friend, may need to take a moment to get your priorities in order. One of my favorite mantras in life is that people make time for the things that they truly want. When you exert the effort to make time for something you want, it becomes a priority in your life. Want to know how to get your priorities in order? Keep reading…

The Importance of Having Priorities in Your Life

Life is essentially a juggling act. At any given time, our attention can be pulled in a million different directions, making it super easy to get sidetracked. Your mind races, because there’s so many things need to be tended to, it can be hard trying to decipher which one deserves your attention. When it comes to having priorities, a lot of us say we want better, and mean to do better – but when the time comes to act or show up, we fall short. Goals and aspirations are simply left unattained yet again because we’re too busy. Unfortunately, the goals and aspirations you hope to reach one day lack the necessary action you need to achieve them. Take a moment and think about your life. What’s one thing that you just can’t seem to keep your word and follow through on? 

What exactly is a priority you ask? Simply put, priorities are things that are meaningful and important to you. They are different from person to person and can range from a number of things. Normally they fall under the following areas: health, wealth, family, education, work etc. Naturally, your priorities will change over time, depending on what phase/season you’re in during your life. Having priorities are very important. Because, when you’re not clear about your priorities, you will not be living your life for you or be in alignment with what’s most important to you. 

How to Get Your Priorities in Order 

Going with the flow is cool and all, but where will that lead you. Getting clear about your life, and what you want will only serve to benefit you. I mean, don’t we all want to live a meaningful and fulfilling life? Now, let’s get down to business and get your priorities straight once and for all.

1. Envision Your Future Self

First things first, in order to get clear about your priorities, you must have a picture of your future self in mind. Now ask yourself, “What will it take to get there?” Doing so will you’re your something to work towards and aspire to.

2. Identify The Requirements You’ll Need to Be Your Future Self

Take note of your future self and the key things that it will require to get there (from step one). For each item, identify why this is necessary and important to you. Doing so will give you your why. When you know your why or reason, it will keep you motivated to get it done, even when you don’t always feel like doing so.

3. Make a Plan

Create a plan of action. Let this plan of action serve as your roadmap. List the necessary steps that you need to complete in order to fulfill the items you identified in step one.

4. Carve of Time

Make time to get it done. Yes… it’s that simple! Remember, people make time for the things that they want in life! Now is the time to put up or shut up.

5. Take Things One Day at a Time

Remember, nothing worth having comes easy. Big rewards rarely come without some risk or sacrifice. Be patient and do the work, it will pay off.


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