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How to Use the Power of Manifestation to Live the Life You Want

When it comes to your life, have you ever felt like things never seem to work out in your favor? What’s something that you’ve always wanted? Something that speaks to your soul and well-being; but you felt like it was impossible to get? Would you believe me if I said you could have it? Ask, believe, achieve… That, my friends, is the power of manifestation. If you want to learn how to use the power of manifestation to get the life that you want, keep reading. 

What is the Power of Manifestation?

Manifestation is the process of envisioning something so strongly and clearly that it becomes real. I like to think of manifestation as a kind of law of attraction. Not to be confused with luck, which is a force that brings good fortune or adversity, and is a result of chance. Simply put, when you manifest, you’re taking deliberate ownership of creating the life you want for yourself. Things like vision boards and affirmations are examples of tools used to manifest.

Use Your Power

YOU HAVE THE POWER. That’s right! I know many of us suffer from thinking we’re powerless. But it’s quite the opposite. You have the power to manifest the things you want in your life. All you need is a shift in your mindset and a willingness to put in the work to get it.

When it comes to putting in the work, that’s where most of us fall short. Many of us like talking about it, but when the universe calls on us to be about it, we clam up. Whether its nerves, fear, or pure laziness… you have to overcome it and just put the work in! You can talk about starting a business, writing a book, or getting promoted all you want. But if you’re not taking the time and putting in the effort to make your dreams a reality, why should you even get those things?

Don’t Confuse Manifestation With Control

Notice that I’ve steered away from using the word control. Truth of the matter is no one, not you, nor I, have complete control of everything let alone the things that occur in our lives. Manifestation is not control and you should be careful not to confuse the two. When you become focused on control you lose yourself in getting caught up in the “when”. If you truly believe that something is yours, you can afford to wait for it as needed until it is yours. All you need is a true vision, a strong desire, and clear intentions!

Things to Remember When Using Your Power of Manifestation

Be intentional with your actions

You can want all the things in the world for yourself. But you have to be willing to take the necessary steps in order to see those things come to fruition. Put some action and conviction behind those words and wishes. When you are intentional with your actions, you’re doing things that are consistent with your goals and aspirations in life

Open yourself up to new possibilities

There’s little chance for change if you insist on doing the same things and being in the same predicament over and over again. In fact, your refusal to do so will eventually leave you feeling stuck and underwhelmed with your life. By opening yourself up to the universe and new opportunities, you’re giving yourself and your life to expand and grow into limitless territory and opportunities. 

Be mindful of your energy

It’s important to understand that your energy influences your mindset, and it can also affect your environment. When practicing manifestation it’s also very important to practice mindfulness. Your energy should compliment your intentions. 

Show gratitude along the way

Studies show that the practice of showing gratitude leads to a happier life. In fact, showing gratitude helps you lead a more fulfilling and positive life. When it comes to expressing gratitude and using your power of manifestation, they pretty much go hand in hand. In fact, you can’t have one without the other, no matter how hard you try. If you want to see great things in your life, you must first be thankful for the great things already present in your life, no matter how big or small. 


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How do you manifest your power? Let me know your thoughts/tips below! Let’s help one another! 


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