Dilemmas of a Damsel

Are you looking for a new book (or three) to fall in love with? Three friends, three love stories, one EPIC series! Get to know Jade: The commitment-phobe, Blair: The woman scorned and Kara: The hopeless romantic. 


Are you a Jade, Blair, or Kara? Grab some wine and get to know each character and their riveting stories! “Dilemmas of a Damsel” is a provocative tale that is jam-packed with romance, drama, and plenty of scandal!


Part I

Meet Jade

Jade James, an ambitious marketing exec, knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. But after many years of avoiding monogamy and commitment, she finds herself desiring more than just lust and mindless sex. Now, the self-proclaimed heartbreaker is ready for love. Her only challenge: she hasn’t quite met anyone that rocks her world. That is until she meets Max…


Max is mysterious, charming, and sexy. The moment he and Jade lock eyes – she’s hooked. As soon as they get together, things instantly get steamy. But her draw to him scares her, awakening some nightmares that she’d like to forget. She worries if she can truly have it all.


Part II

Meet Blair

Blair Montgomery never saw this coming. A popular artist, she loves her life and all those that are in it. Everything seems to be perfect before things take a shocking turn. Instead of toasting to her thirty years of life and a new milestone, she is faced with the ultimate betrayal. Jayson, her longtime boyfriend, and love of her life cheated and got another woman pregnant.



With her life and heart seemingly shattered into pieces, Blair struggles with her next move. Does she follow her heart or listen to her intuition? Every couple has problems, right? Blair loves Jayson with all of her heart and wants to believe it was an honest mistake. But another part fears that this type of deceit is unforgivable, especially when there’s a baby involved. She’s torn between two sides of herself, her heart and her consciences, what will she choose?

Part III

Meet Kara

Kara Stevens has had her fair share of disappointment when it comes to matters of the heart. Frustrated and at her wits end, she swears off dating and vows to focus on herself for a while. With a new job promotion and new apartment to keep her busy, things are finally starting to look up. That is, until Omar Winston comes into the picture.


Omar is handsome, charming, and highly successful; making it hard for Kara to resist. The only thing – he’s her very much older and married boss! To make things more complicated, an old love has reemerged eager to give things another shot. Sick of always being the fool, Kara’s ready to make the tables turn. But can she truly play the game that she’s fall victim to so many times before, or will she end up getting played?

"Now I’m not much of a fictional book reader, but there’s just something about this series that completely reels you in. It’s relatable, engaging, and addictive from start to finish!"
Amazon Reader
"Monique has definitely done it again! I knew part 2 was something to look out for but BABY I didn’t expect this! Can’t wait to to read more from her!"
Amazon Reader

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