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Dating Tips

Dating Ms. Independent …

Dilemmas Of a Damsel is a three-part series following three women as they navigate the dating world. Part I follows Jade James, a successful, independent woman that prides herself on knowing exactly what she wants and how to get it. Being a modern woman of today, Jade is an independent go-getter that’s not afraid to go after whatever her heart desires. In the love department, however, she’s had little success. Now pushing thirty, Jade has grown tired of being criticized for her inability to settle down and she wonders if her ambitions have come at the sacrifice of falling in love.

Much like Jade, many women face ridicule for being considered too independent and they are often forced to choose between that and love. There seems to be this idea that if you are a woman that wants love, you can’t also be focused on having a career (just an example). So I have to ask, has our new found independence doomed our chances of finding love? Continue Reading

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