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5 Things I Did to Save Money

Hey loves! I’ve gotten so many questions since I revealed the truth about my finances. I’m so glad that many of you have found inspiration in my story to embark on your own path to financial freedom! I’ll admit, my journey towards being debt free has been a major learning experience. I want to place emphasis on the word JOURNEY because it’s nothing short of that! One thing that I’ve embraced is changing my spending behaviors in order to save money. 

In these last ten months I’ve learned so much about myself and my financial habits. I really needed to make some major changes if I wanted to give my debt the boot! So far, I’ve paid off over $20,000 in debt! How, you ask? Read more to find out! 

5 Things I did to Save Money

  1. Cut back on my cable – This was a longggg time coming. Honestly, I didn’t want to do it. I’ve had cable my entire life… having every channel at my fingertips was a comfort for me. But when we were sending out over $300 a month.. my boyfriend and I finally decided to give it the boot. It’s such a rip off! Now we just have internet, basic channels and subscribe to things as needed. In doing so we were able to cut our cable bill in half. 
  2. Pack more, eat out less – I used to eat out multiple times a week. Now I try my best to pack my breakfast and lunch for work and utilize the office coffee maker. I’ve saved about $100 a month doing so. 
  3. No Spend Days – That’s right! At least 3-4 times a week … I opt to spend absolutely nothing! If I find myself bored I’ll go to the gym, a friend’s house or just read a book. Having no spend days is a challenge but it’s really helping me keep my impulsive shopping in order! 
  4. While we’re on the topic of impulsive spending – I have tried my best to keep my shopping under wraps! I must say that I’ve come long way. I made a budget for my spring/summer wardrobe and kept to it. I’m currently finalizing my budget for the fall/winter. I think I was able to do this by focusing on only getting pieces that I can wear over again many different ways instead of keeping up with trends. I’ve been researching time capsule wardrobes and all though I haven’t taken the full plunge I’ve definitely adopted some of the habits. This has helped me save a lot of money! 
  5. Say no! – Yup.. I’m much more selective how and where I spend my money. I had serious FOMO and would waste money on the dumbest things! Now I’m ok with sitting some things out and saving my money. 

There you have it! I hope you find these tips helpful. What have you done to save money?


If you need more help with getting your finances under control – BOSS YOUR BUDGET with my free budget worksheet! 



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