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5 Female Personal Finance Bloggers to Follow

Top 5 female personal finance bloggers to follow today

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Finances, money, coins, mula …whatever you want to call it, it’s kind of a big deal. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you know that I’ve been pretty upfront about my struggle with making good financial choices in the past, and my decision to begin my debt free journey. Before I finally did that, though, I did a TON of research. Maybe it’s the planner in me, but before I try something new, I like to do a little digging first, you know, to prepare. In doing so, I stumbled upon some great personal finance blogs by women of color. I wanted to share that list with you. So, keep reading to see my favorite female personal finance bloggers to follow.

Why I Follow These 5 Female Personal Finance Bloggers

I have to say, I can credit these women for inspiring and empowering me to kick off my personal finance journey. I think what held me back for so long was fear, fear that I couldn’t do it and really acknowledging that I didn’t know how.  It’s encouraging to see women that look like me, be so successful in such a male-dominated field. These ladies are working overtime to teach us that we don’t have to carry on the generational curse of wealth inequality, and poor financial decisions. These blogs educate, enlighten, and uplift. I hope you find them as useful as I do!

Top 5 Female Personal Finance Bloggers to follow

Female Personal Finance Bloggers to Follow

Patrice | Patrice Washington

If y’all didn’t know, Patrice Washington is kind of a big deal! I mean, home girl has been on Dr. Oz’s show, and the Steve Harvey show dropping financial gems. I’m an avid listener to her podcast as well, “Redefining Wealth“. And trust me, Patrice is doing just that! She dives deep into what wealth really means and does a great job with helping her followers overcome their financial demons.Her motto: “Chase purpose, not money.” No, she’s not exactly a a blogger, but I can’t talk about personal finance and not mention her! This woman had her own business and was making money, but then she lost it ALL during the last recession. Since experiencing such a major setback, Patrice bossed up and rebuilt her empire and then some! If you can’t find inspiration in her story…major side eye!  

Check out her book here

Tonya | My Fab Finance

This powerhouse was coined the “Money expert for millennials” by Black Enterprise magazine. Tonya’s personal mission is to “help millenials break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck, so that they can become financial free and do more of what they love.” I mean, can I get a YASSSS. What this woman does resonates with me so much, because this is something that is very important to me. In my blog, “How to Improve Your Relationship with Money” I was pretty honest about my upbringing and how money played a factor in my life. To keep it short, I had to learn a lot of things on my own and the hard way, like many people of color. It’s time that we raise the bar and put an end to this generational wealth curse and reverse the story! Tonya’s tips will definitely help us all do a little better. 


Bola | Clever Girl Finance

Clever Girl Finance is one of the first podcasts that I started listening to. I’m certain some of you have heard of this site and how amazing it is. This blog’s goal is to help women become more accountable, ditch debt and save money. What initially drew me in was Bola, and her story. This woman saved $100,000 in three years on a salary of $54,000 (before taxes)! Yes, you read that right! In addition to that, she was recently featured in CNBC Make It for earning an astounding $70,000 through her side hustle!

The financial expert and educator has this personal finance game on lock! With her blog and podcast she offers great tips to help women take control of their money and reach their financial goals. She also does a great job with highlighting other women that have amazing financial stories! There’s this one woman that she featured that cash-rolled her wedding, and paid off her student loan debt in like a year making $50,000 (or something like that). It’s truly mesmerizing! 

Check out her book here

Tiffany | The Budgetnista

Tiffany, The Budgetnista, is on a mission to empower women to create a better life for themselves and their loved ones. Whether it’s through her blog posts, YouTube videos, or the courses she offers through her Live Richer Academy, the financial expert is helping women get real about their finances. In fact, her followers – called the “Dream Catchers” (made up of over 800,000 women worldwide) has saved more than $100 million, and paid off over $75 million in debt, collectively. Yes you read that right! I’d highly recommend checking her out! 

Kara & Tanja | The Fairer Cents 

This dynamic duo that is Kara and Tanja are dedicated to addressing the special complexities women face with regarding money. Their motto: “Women, money, and the fight to break even.” No, they don’t really give financial tips like the others. But I’d highly recommend tuning into their podcast. They discuss a wide range of very relevant issues like the wage and wealth gap, emotional labor and workplace discrimination. 





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