15 Things to do While Practicing Social Distancing at Home

If you asked me six months ago what I had planned for this spring, it would include going to day parties, happy hours, going for walks outside, and traveling. Unfortunately, many of us have to put our spring plans on pause and stay indoors in an effort to practice social distancing. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we’re currently living in a time where things are becoming more unpredictable by the day. To keep from going insane or panicking, the most we can do is to focus on the things we can control and less on the things we can not. 

One thing that I know is that everyone has to do their part to stop the spread of the coronavirus, this is something we do have control over. Even if it’s as simple as staying at home during these times of uncertainty. So to help pass the extra time at home I came up with a list. Here are 15 things that you can do when you’re practicing social distancing at home!


This is a pretty stressful time for a lot of people. I mean, we’re getting a ton of information thrown at us by the minute it seems. It’s easy to feel like your head will explode. In times like this, the best thing you can do is to center your thoughts and healthily express them. This is why I think journaling will be a great exercise. Document everything you’re thinking, how your day went, what you did. One day when this is finally over, you’ll be able to look back and see your progress. Who knows, it may make for a great story! 

Listen to a Podcast

Some of you guys know… I love my podcasts! When I’m not listening to music, 99% of the time I’m listening to podcasts. It’s a great source of entertainment and I think there’s something out there for everyone. Here are three of my favorites. Feel free to check them out and let me know what you think! 

The Read – Get a weekly dose of all things pop culture with a touch of foolishness and a hint of shade.

Crime Junkie – For all of my true crime fans, this podcast is a treat!

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations – Get a dose of motivation and inspiration from Oprah Winfrey and her special guests as they discuss life and how to become your best self.

Host a Virtual Happy Hour

Social distancing doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to kiss your social life goodbye. Why not host a virtual happy hour with your friends or loved ones? I’ve done this a few times and it is so much fun! It’s great to be able to connect and chat with your tribe while helping to fight the spread of the virus. A great video conferencing tool is ZOOM. Check it out here.  

Social Distancing

Tackle Your To-Do List

Have to file your taxes? Need to answer some emails? Spring cleaning? You’re in luck now. With the extra time at home, you have an opportunity to check all those things off of your to-do list and get ahead of your goals

Read my blog post – “10 Mistakes to Avoid When Filing Your Taxes” here.

Learn a New Skill

Have you wanted to learn a new language? Maybe take an online course but never had the time? Want to brush up on your graphic design skills? Well, no time is better than the present right? Sites like Skillshare and Udemy are great resources for online courses for just about anything! 

Declutter Your Space

If you’re going to be at home for an extended period, it’s important to make sure your space is clean, organized and most importantly decluttered! AKA drop the deadweight. Get rid of the things collecting dust in your closet. Trash, sell or donate! My favorite place to sell unwanted clothing is POSHMARK – You can sign up here with my code MOBUNNI to get $10 off your first purchase. 

Declutter Your Life 

While we’re on decluttering, why not clean up your emails and camera roll on your phone? These are things that can become large very quickly and take up a lot of space. Also while you’re cleaning up your emails, try unsubscribing to emails that you no longer need, especially the ones that make you want to shop!

Unleash Your Creative Side

We all are creative in our own unique way. Whether it’s painting, knitting, baking, gardening, there’s something for all of us. Creating can be therapeutic in so many ways, it will be nice to tune into that side of yourself. Write your book, launch your blog, start that painting… the sky is the limit!

One thing that I love to do and unfortunately don’t do enough of is adult coloring books. There’s something about coloring that makes me feel nostalgic. Here are some super cute coloring books you can try out. 

Try a Home Work Out 

Just because the gym is closed doesn’t mean that you have to neglect your health or fitness goals. There are so many online resources out there to try. Take your pick between yoga, dance or high-intensity interval training. Youtube has plenty of videos and a lot of fitness instructors are currently offering virtual classes online. 

Hate working out? Read my post about how to overcome that here.

Catch Up on Your Reading List 

Now I know you have books you’ve been meaning to read but just kept putting off for whatever reason. No judgment here, I get it. Even though I’m an author (you can check out my books here), I’m guilty of it too! Use this time to find a new book or two or three to fall in love with! Here are some titles to check out:



We are a society that’s always on the go. What’s interesting is that a lot of people don’t know how to relax. This may be for many reasons: guilt, societal pressure, or it feels unnatural to them. This is the prime time to slow down, take a deep breath, connect with yourself and the ones you love most and restore that peace in your life. Relax and enjoy it! You deserve it. 

Feel guilty about relaxing? Check out my blog – “Take a Chill Pill” here.

Connect with Your Family 

Speaking of the family now may be a good time to reach out to your family members and check on them. With everyone being on the same shutdown orders, it may be much easier to take time and connect and catch up. 

Exercise Your Mind

Social distancing can be mentally taxing. Meditating is another way to get your nerves and anxiety under control during such a stressful time. Take a few minutes each day to shut off all the noise, take a deep breath and center your thoughts. 

Another fun way to exercise your mind is with puzzles. Did you know that puzzles can improve your memory and decrease stress amongst a ton of other benefits (listed here)? 

Practice Gratitude

In times like these, it is important to take a moment to appreciate what you have. Practicing gratitude is essential to living a more happy and fulfilling life, especially during scary times. Ask yourself, what are you grateful for?

Check out my blog on “Understanding The Power of Gratitude” here

Binge-watch Your Favorite Television Shows 

Y’all, there is so much good TV out there right now! Depending on the types of shows that you like, you can easily find something binge-worthy to watch. Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime have great options!

Try out Amazon Prime Free for 30 days if you sign up below!

Well, guys there you have it! 15 things you can do at home while practicing social distancing! I hope that you guys stay safe, and more importantly HEALTHY! We will get through this! 

*This post contains affiliate links. That just means if you see something you like and buy it, I’ll earn a small commission to help pay these bills! 

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