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10 Habits of Financially Savvy & Successful Women

Nowadays, there are so many amazing successful women to aspire to. Yes, success can come in many forms and from many walks of life. Some successful women have charisma, some are unapologetically fearless, and others extremely passionate about what they do. So, what’s the one thing that successful women have in common? Financial habits that keep them on track. Why? Because successful women know the importance of money management and having control of their finances, and not the other way around. Keep reading to learn the 10 habits of financially savvy and successful women.

10 Habits of Financially Savvy & Successful Women

Being financially savvy gives you a level of security that can make all the difference in your life. (Trust me, I’ve learned this from experience!) It’s never too late to try new habits and take control of your finances. Are you ready to level up your finances and live the life that you want? Here are 10 habits of financially savvy women that you can try today. 

They Take Responsibility for Knowing Their Finances Inside and Out 

Financially savvy  and successful women know their finances upside down and inside and out. They’re able to do so by doing regular assessments or “check-ups”. They know exactly what their income is and where it comes from. They know what their expenses should be and track them accordingly. 

One way to track your finances is by using an app. I recently started using the Albert app to track my finances and I love it so far! You can handle all of your financial needs in one place and it helps to keep me on track. I won’t lie, I still like writing everything down, but I’m trying to embrace automating my financial tracking. Stay tuned… I’m considering writing a blog about the Albert app. Let me know if you’d be interested in the comments below! 

They Don’t Make Excuses 

Successful women rarely play the victim role! And the same goes for their finances. Financially savvy  women understand that their financial well-being is their responsibility and they hold themselves accountable. Spent too much on a pair of shoes? Made a bad investment? No sweat, they live and most importantly they LEARN.  Rather than have a pity party about their financial mistakes or mishaps, they keep their cool, roll up their sleeves and handle their business to get back on track. 

They Have a Budget and Stick to it

Anyone serious about their financial well-being knows the importance of having and sticking to a budget. Having a budget has many benefits. First, you’re essentially creating a road map for your finances. Two, when you stick to your budget, you’re limiting surprises that can be a set-back. Budgets are the one thing you need to achieve financial control. 

Do you need help budgeting? Check out my blog post here.

Ready to start budgeting but don’t know where to start?Check this out:

They Make Their Financial Well-being a Priority 

Another habit of financially savvy women? They make their financial well-being a top priority in their lives. By making their financial health a priority, they can cut back on unnecessary expenses, live within (or even better, below) their means, and make decisions that will support their financial goals (debt elimination, saving, or investing, etc.). 

They set Financial Goals 

Having and making a lot of money isn’t enough when it comes to financial well-being. It’s important to have goals to aspire to and to revisit them often. Financially savvy women have a bigger picture in mind. They also know that wishful thinking isn’t enough to get there. Setting clear actionable steps to meeting financial goals that help them get to where they want.

They Don’t Wait to Invest 

Regularly investing is one of the things that can help you reach your financial goals faster. Many people, especially women, stop themselves from investing for several reasons. They either believe that they are not financially stable enough, or that you have to be an expert. Well, I’m here to tell you that’s not true. There are plenty of resources out there that make investing simple. The ladies over at Ellevest.com have plenty of resources and information about investing and how to invest like a WOMAN not a man! 

Also, check out these great books about investing for women. They’re very insightful, helpful and will have you ready to invest ASAP! 


Smart Women Finish Rich by David Bach is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestseller. With over one million copies sold, this book goes into overdrive on coaching women how to gain confidence and control when it comes to building wealth. 


The Women’s Guide to Successful Investing: Achieving Financial Security and Realizing Your Goals by Nancy Tengler. This is said to be one of the best books explaining for investing for women. The author lays it out in a way that make it super easy to understand what investing is and how to use it for long-term success. 



They Save and Pay Themselves First 

Not only do financially savvy women save, but they also save their money before they do anything else. Why? Because they know the importance of having a safety net and a backup plan. These women are always prepared for a rainy day! Not only that, most of the time they have saved for other things, like vacations, holidays, or to simply treat themselves.  

Need more ideas on ways to save money? Read “50 Ways to Save Money” here

They Have an Abundant Money Mindset 

According to Forbes, women have a much more emotional connection to money than their male counterparts. Because of this, more women tend to have a scarcity money mindset which makes it harder for them to achieve financial freedom and take control of their finances. Financially savvy women, on the other hand, do the exact opposite. They don’t fear money, they don’t have an emotional attachment to it. Because of this, they are better equipped to make more practical financial decisions. 

Do you need to change your money mindset? Check out my blog “How to Reprogram Your Money Mindset” here.


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