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New Year, Same Results?

As the hustle and frenzy of the holiday season wears off, many of us take some time to think about the things we weren’t able to accomplish in the year that has so quickly passed us by. Maybe you want to become a vegan, save more money, or write a book. You’re determined to make the upcoming year matter, and you think of everything you want to do. Then you write them down and wait until January 1st to go after your goals.

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Dating Tips

Why You Should be Thankful When They Ghost You…

Ever liked someone and they suddenly vanished out of your life without warning? You two talk pretty much every day, have gone on plenty of dates, and become close. This person really has the potential to be your next boo thing; and then all of a sudden POOF! They’re gone, suddenly evaporate into thin air like a ghost, with no rhyme or reason. I call this ghosting or being ghosted, and it can happen to any of us – no one is safe. As with many of the things that can go wrong when it comes to dating, being ghosted is another risk to add to the list. And although the idea of it happening to you may seem mortifying, the person that’s ghosted you may have done you a favor. Continue Reading


How to be Better (Not Bitter) After a Breakup

Last week legendary rapper, Nas, shocked us all when he took to his Instagram account and posted a 7-part tell all about his nasty custody battled with ex-wife and famed singer Kelis. Let’s just say – it was pretty shocking, especially since just a few months earlier, Kelis alleged that Nas was abusive AF during their five-year marriage. Since their divorce in 2010, many of us have watched from the sidelines as the two have been in and out of court duking it out for custody of their child. However, Kelis’ latest accusations had us all clutching our pearls! Fast forward five months, Nas has come forward with this side of the story. I guess we’ll never truly know the dynamics of their relationship and what actually went down, but,I have to say that a breakup can really bring out the worst in people. It’s important to remember when separating from a partner, it’s important to be better, not bitter in the end.

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What to do When He Levels Up Without You…

Have you ever been with a guy that just never seemed capable of getting their shit together while you were dating? If you have, you know how frustrating it can be to feel let down by his inability to step up to the plate and handle his business. Maybe he procrastinates a little too much, doesn’t take his future as seriously as he should, or is just flat-out lazy. The day comes when you finally dump him, and it seems like the huge weight of his poor decisions has been lifted off of your shoulders. Good riddance…right? Fast forward to the future and your ex looks hauntingly good and doing even better. In fact, he’s somehow morphed into the man you’ve always wanted – but he’s now that man with another woman.

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